Volunteer with Retriever Essentials

There are multiple ways to give your time at any level that works with your schedule!

Weekly Free Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday! See the current location on our Instagram @umbcretrieveressentials

Volunteer to set up, distribute food, and break down from 1:30pm to 3:15pm.

Volunteers are encouraged to take a bag of food home with them!

Packing Ready-to-Microwave Meals To-go

Meet at 1:50 Monday through Thursday at True Grits. Pack leftover lunch meals into to-go containers and bring them to The Essential Space in RAC 235. These meals support our community members who may lack access to cooking facilities and need support the most!

Prac 096

What is Prac 096?

A 0 credit, P/NP course, but you’ll get a notation on your transcript indicating which track you chose. To sign up, contact the Shriver Center at 410-455-2493 or email retrieveressentials@umbc.edu.

The options are:

  • Service: This is our on-the-ground group that does the main work of feeding our community. Fill orders, fill pre-packed bags for food zones, collect donations, and stock our mini pantries and main location, The Essential Space. You can expect to serve 30 hours (about 2 hours per week) in this position.
  • Leadership: This is the group that furthers our mission on campus by driving our outreach and influencing our operations. Take the lead in a role such as Event Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Donations Coordinator, Sustainability Coordinator, Nutrition Coordinator, or we will tailor a position to your interests, strengths, and goals. You can expect to serve 50 hours (about 3 hours per week) in this position.

Want to volunteer with your group or org?

Send us an email at retrieveressentials@umbc.edu!