Food Zones

Food Zones

To support students in need, free, pre-assembled, and nutritionally balanced bags of non-perishable food and toiletries are available for pickup at various locations on campus.

Worried about visiting a food zone for the first time? Check out this informational video to learn the process of how to pickup at each food zone (Please note that coupons are not currently available)

If you are unable to lift up to 35 pounds or have strict dietary restrictions, please contact to arrange an alternate pickup option.

Please help us spread the word that students can pick up their free bag of non-perishable food in the following locations:

Campus Police

[currently inactive] Counseling Center

Counseling Center, Student Development & Success Center, 8:30am-5pm

Honors College 

Honors College, Albin O Kuhn Library & Gallery, Room 216E, 9am-5pm

[currently inactive] Mosaic Center – Commons third floor

Commons Mosaic Center 2B23, 9am-5pm

Women’s Center – Commons lower level

Women’s Center, Commons, 9am-5pm

Off Campus Student Services – Commons first floor

Off-Campus Student Services, Commons, 9am-5pm

[currently inactive] Residential Life

Residential Life, Erickson Hall, Room 166, 9am-5pm

Southwest Emergency Services (SWES)

Clothing is available for purchase (at a small fee) at SWES. Remember, proof of residency in Arbutus is required to participate in SWES services.

Retriever Essentials Interactive Map

Please click the button in the top left corner to toggle between different types of locations (food zones, donation bins, etc.)